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Lift a Load

Got a tightly packed packaging operation? TKFs stainless steel continuous vertical conveyors cut floor space requirements by up to 90 percent. They provide high-speed, up-and-down service (up to 40 loads a minute), simple low-maintenance design, modular design, and fully automatic operation. Design capacities range from 5 to 4,000 lbs. per load. Each load travels vertically up to 80 feet, on a unique moving platform

that is rigid in the horizontal load-carrying position, yet flexible in the opposite direction so it needs the minimum amount of space on the return phase of each cycle. Phone TKF at (513) 241-5910. Web:

A Full Deck

The Pig eight-drum poly deck is a one-piece, high-capacity containment deck that allows storage of up to eight drums without the added expense or labor of connecting multiple decks. Sturdy, movable and durable, it can hold eight fully loaded drums – up to 12,000 lbs. Constructed of chemical- and UV-resistant polyethylene, the decks 75-gallon capacity sump features removable grates for easy cleaning, and helps to comply with 40 CFR 264.175 for containment of haz-waste. An optional polyethylene ramp is available for roll-on loading. Phone New Pig at (800) 468-4647. Web:

Drum Filler Good to Go

Feige Filling Technologys latest innovation is a drum filler thats ready for use in production, a cost-effective approach to modern filling technology. The Feige drum filler type 32, Plug & Fill, can immediately be put into operation after installation and hookup of power supply. For the first time, Feige engineers succeeded in combining electric and pneumatic control into one common control cabinet. This means cable conduits and cable layout are eliminated during installation. All components are readily mounted for production and checked for hazardous area application as per ATEX guidelines. One of the most notable advantages is the price, which enables a quick return on investment, the company adds. Phone Feige Filling Technologies at (713) 946-4334. Web:

All Pumped Up

Alemites new line of manual pumps are simple to install, and are designed to transfer a wide variety of fluids quickly and safely. Since they dont require any air or electricity to operate, they can be used virtually anywhere and are very cost-effective. Choose from three color-coded types: Red pumps are designed for use with petroleum based liquids, such as lubricants, oils and fuels; blue is for general-purpose fluids including alcohols and acids; and green pumps handle aggressive chemicals such as solvents. Pumps can be used with almost any container size and configuration, from 2-gallon jugs up to 55-gallon drums. Phone Alemite at (866) 425-3648. Web:

Repair Pipes, Vessels

Citadel Technologies offers new solutions for the rehabilitation of pipes, piping systems and pressure vessels which are dangerously corroded, inside or out. Diamond Wrap for pipe exteriors, and Diamond Liner products for interiors, are a carbon/epoxy composite system providing superior strength under high pressure and significant span support requirements. Diamond Wrap handles pipes from 3 to 64 inches in diameter, for example, and Diamond Liners can be used for interiors ranging from 30 to 144 inches in diameter. Both help extend service life until safe replacement at turnaround. These products are designed for specific applications following an engineering assessment and design calculations, and Custom Metalcraft Inc., Springfield, Mo., has been appointed as a distributor, with qualified and trained installers. Phone Custom Metalcraft at (417) 862-0707. E-mail:

Make it Flat

Rieke Packaging Systemss new Visegrip II flat closure system is loaded with features that build on its well-known drum closure design. Visegrip IIs low-profile design ensures safer handling and transport of products. The flange is installed using a unique mechanical insertion process, providing more security even with light-gauge steel drums. Once the plug is properly tightened into the flange, the seal occurs at the most critical point, with no gasket rupture, cutting or shearing when plugs are tightened. A visual indicator even tells you when the closures are properly sealed. The flange can be used without any sealing material, eliminating potential compatibility issues. Phone Riekes Wayne Schmidt, (260) 925-3700. Web: www.flatout-works

Design Help

Graham Packaging, the leading supplier in the U.S., Canada, and Brazil of 1-quart/1-liter plastic HDPE containers for motor oil, has opened an Innovation & Design Center at its York, Pa., headquarters. At this incubator and workshop, designers and customers team up to develop new plastic containers. Customers can come to explore shapes, materials and color, as well as other aspects of packaging design. Our customers will be able to brainstorm ideas with our design team in order to provide us with their thoughts and guidance, said Graham Packagings Sheldon Yourist. Designs, models and prototypes can be created on the spot, and customers have access to wireless laptops, electronic tablets, plasma screens, image libraries, an extensive gallery of sample containers, technology displays, and a variety of reference materials. Phone: (717) 849-8500. E-mail: graham.gpcabu@ Web: www.graham

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