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Kluber Targets Wind Power

Kluber Lubrication has three new varieties of gear oils, each offering wide service temperature ranges and high scuffing load capacity to help ensure long component life in wind power plants. Klubersynth GEM 4-N oils are full synthetics designed for extreme temperatures and high loads. Their long oil life and high efficiency help to optimize power yields; they also offer high micropitting resistance. Klubersynth GH 6 oils offer similar properties, plus special polyglycol base oils to enable extra-long relubrication intervals. And for ecologically sensitive sites, Klubersynth GEM 2 oils are rapidly biodegradable. Web:

Antifreezes Taste Bad

Several U.S. states now require that a bitter agent be used in antifreeze to prevent accidental poisonings, and the federal government is also considering such action. Thats prompted Kost USA to launch a new DefendAL range of coolant/ antifreezes. These deliver performance and packaging appeal, says the companys Steve Overdeck, and also extend component life cycles. Offered in concentrate and premixed versions, the line-up includes a universal coolant/ antifreeze, two heavy-duty formulations, and a global extended-life fluid. All feature Kosts Bitter-Aid anti-consumption additive, to deter accidental ingestion and help distributors grow their antifreeze business. Web: www.

Harnex the Wind

Petro-Canada Lubricants has added Harnex wind turbine gear oil to its portfolio, a premium synthetic lubricant designed to provide exceptional antiwear/EP performance and protection from salt-water corrosion. The polyalphaolefin based oil is designed to meet the harsh challenges of both onshore and offshore wind turbine gearboxes. Such gearboxes are often situated 100 meters in the air and in coastal waters, making maintenance a challenge, points out Tanvi Bhatt. Harnex has passed the latest OEM filtration tests and has nearly completed a two-year trial in a European installation. Web:

Cleaner Oil, More Power

Southern Power has ordered 18 Kleentex N100 high-capacity electrostatic oil cleaning systems from United Air Specialists, for its gas turbine power plants in Prattville and Smiths, Ala., and Franklin, Ga. The sensitive servo valves in such gas-powered generators can build up varnishes and deposits, leading to costly system flushes, expensive downtime and even power outages. The N100, with a filtering volume of 10,100 gallons and flow rate of 5.5 gal./min., prevents this by drawing contaminants of all particle sizes out of the oil (including insolubles like tar and varnishes), for maximum turbine performance. Web:

Fight Rust with Vegetables

Cortecs newest green formulation allows users to replace traditional oil/solvent based lubricant rust preventives with a powerful vegetable oil/solvent based liquid. VpCI-325 is based on a vegetable-derived oil which is biodegradable while offering the same or better performance than traditional formulations. VpCI-325 lubricates while providing powerful corrosion protection for ferrous metals, galvanized steel, brass, copper, zinc, cadmium and silver. It meets Mil-C-81309E, and even performs under adverse conditions such as 100% relative humidity, and in the presence of corrosives such as chlorides, hydrogen sulfide and other sulfur compounds. Available in bulk liquid, or 16-oz. aerosol cans. Web:

Built for Speed

Brad Penns Green Oil line of racing lubricants has a new offering: Penn Grade 1 SAE 30 racing oil. This unique, green-colored monograde break-in racing engine oil is formulated with a blend of American Refining Groups high quality Penn Grade base oils and additives. Its intended for use when breaking in newly assembled engines, to lubricate and assure proper sealing of components. This new viscosity joins a full line of Penn Grade 1 racing oils, formulated now in five grades. Web:

Machine Without Worry

Hamikleer 1995 synthetic metalworking coolant, the latest from Harry Miller Corp., addresses both recent supply issues and the latest health concerns by incorporating new easy-to-obtain components and eliminating triazine biocides, it says. This product is a new formulation, involving several new materials, says Nick Ariano. And these materials will not be subject to limitation of supply in the present environment of supply shortages. Formulated for moderate to heavy-duty machining, the fluid is ultra-low foam, provides elevated bacterial resistance, thwarts the growth of mycobacteria, and offers corrosion protection – all without an oily residue. Web:

Water, Water Everywhere?

Water contamination in critical fluids can mean headaches such as additive depletion, oxidation, bacterial growth, component wear and corrosion. The new Analexrs range of online moisture sensors from Kittiwake can help plant engineers and maintenance managers head off such problems in diesel engines, gas turbines, gear-boxes, compressors, generators, vehicles and other oil-filled equipment, by providing real time, continuously monitored data. These sensors detect the moisture content of water in oil up to the oils saturation point, and report it in percent relative humidity. So users can take action before the point is reached where harmful water will sit in the fluid, either as water droplets or in the form of an emulsion. Monitors also can be used in the headspace of sensitive equipment, to monitor moisture levels before water gets into the oil. Web:

Stack and Roll

The patented Morgan stacking dolly can save on manpower, warehouse space and trucking costs. Stacking is simple and secure, and up to 35 interlocking dollies may be stacked in one 40-inch column. The entire stack then navigates easily (wheels down for rolling, or wheels-up for trucking) through standard door openings and keeps storage areas neat. With hard rubber wheel casters for durability, each dolly weighs only 14 pounds, yet handles loads up to 800 lbs. Web: www.

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