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Computer-friendly Grease

T-grease 880 is a new high-performance, silicone-based thermal grease from Laird Technologies (formerly Thermagon), designed to solve overheating issues in advanced computer chips, graphic processing units and ASICs. The company says the product is RoHS compliant, has high thermal conductivity and very low thermal resistance, and will not dry out, pump out or separate over the long term. Computers, servers, automotive and telecom applications are the target market for the grease which, at under $200 per kg, Laird says costs 30 to 50 percent less than comparable options. Phone Laird Technologies at (800) 843-4556 or (314) 344-9300. Web:

Watch Your Levels

Alemites new Bigview Tank Monitor offers accurate fluid level monitoring of bulk tanks used to hold nonflammable, petroleum-based fluids, synthetic oils and antifreeze. Users view tank-level data in real time from a computer. Low-fluid and overfill warnings alert you to possible spills or outages. The system includes a controller and a series of tank probes that relay information via a direct connection or modem; the information also can go directly to the fluid supplier via a modem. Up to 16 tanks can be linked to each controller. Phone: (800) 822-4579 ext. 6203, or (866) 425-3648. Web:

Nusol Coolant Keeps Fresh

Chemtool has launched an innovative line of metalworking fluids under the Nusol brand – a patent-pending technology it says is completely new to the metalworking arena. The fluid has been field tested with excellent results, Chemtool says. It cuts down on mist and virtually eliminates VOCs; rejects tramp oil; acts like a synthetic without stickiness or lubricity limitations; and is hard-water stable in excess of 100 grains with no loss of corrosion protection or emulsion stability. Nusol uses no sulfonate or amide, yet is biologically stable and will not go rancid, the company added. Phone: Skip Legenza, (262)723-6590. E-mail:

Durable Gas Engine Oil

Just in time for winter, Imperial Oil has rolled out a new version of Essolube GMA Plus 40 – Canadas bestselling natural gas engine oil. This new product will allow for longer oil drain intervals than any other lubricant weve seen in 30 years of field tests, said the companys technical manager, oil and gas, Karl Mrazek. Earlier versions worked on reducing piston and valve deposits and on varnish and corrosion control. This newest formula targets longer oil drain intervals, to help cut costs and improve efficiency. Contact your sales or technical representative, or phone (800) 268-3183.

Bakery OEM Picks Anderol

Anderol Baking Chain Oil 150 has earned approval for use in Stewart Systems conveyorized ovens and high-volume baking facilities, after passing demanding tests for evaporation and volatilization rate, thermal oxidative stability, corrosion and rust prevention, antiwear and load carrying capabilities. In harsh tests conducted by Stewart Systems – such as a 48-hour, 450-degree F. thermal oxidative stability test – Anderol out-performed 14 ester-based products. High-volume bakeries that use Anderol Baking Chain Oil 150 will enjoy minimal downtime and enhanced profitability, adds the companys Mike Raab. Phone: Jane Cohen, (973) 887-7410. E-mail:

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