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Long Lasting Compressor Oils

New Corona Turbo Blue and Corona Turbo Clear, from FS-Elliott Co., are specially blended to lubricate centrifugal compressors. Each can greatly outlast conventional fluids, and with proper operating and maintenance practices including regular lubricant testing, allows extended periods between change-outs. Corona Turbo Blue (a synthetic blend) has a life expectancy of 16,000 hours, while the all-PAO based Corona Turbo Clear can last up to 24,000 hours. Both fight sludge build-up, to reduce damage caused by lacquer, varnish, resins and other contaminants. FS-Elliott even provides free lubricant analysis to operators using the fluids. Phone: Addision Kelley, customer support, (626) 855-7515. Web:

Tough Vegetable Oil

Blaser Swisslubes latest is Vascomill 22, a straight vegetable based cutting oil for most operations and materials. It offers superior cutting performance and lubricating properties in metal removal operations from low to high cutting speeds, says Blaser, and its ideal for medical industry applications, CNC machinery, Swiss-automatic lathes, and in machining tough materials such as stainless steels, titanium, high-temperature alloys and beryllium copper. The fluid generates minimal mist, vapor or smoke, and is said to have better skin compatibility for operators, compared to mineral oil based products with large amounts of additives. Phone: Jim Littel, technical inquiries, (845) 294-3200. Web:

Syn-Ester Line Expands

Lubrizol says its new Syn-Ester metalworking additive, GY-56, can replace or substantially reduce the amount of extreme pressure additives, such as chlorine or sulfur, in industrial oils and in coolants such as soluble oils and semi-synthetics. This high molecular weight, polymerized ester provides excellent oil solubility in Group II and III base oils, as well. It is ashless and burns off cleanly, does not cause staining, and has excellent thermal, oxidative and hydrolytic stability. And since GY-56 is a branched chain polymer, it is less susceptible to bacterial attack, the company added. Web:

Food-grade Protection

Keystone Lubricants has unveiled Nevastane SFG synthetic food-grade grease in a 10-oz. spray can, and backed it with a money-back guarantee. The product meets NSF H-1 and is certified Kosher Pareve. Formulated using PAO base stock with a complex calcium sulfonate thickener, it protects across temperatures ranging from -55 to 390 degrees F, and resists steam, water, alkalis and food acids. It handles high loads and resists wash out, so less grease is needed. The spray enables precise non-drip application to lube points such as cams, ways, guides, slicers, gates, chains and other components. Request a free 1.5-oz. sample and learn more about the money-back guarantee by phoning (800) 344-2241, ext. 5052. Web:

Clearly, Crystal Cut

A product is only as strong as its weakest point and Crystal Cut 465 has no weak points, boasts Hangersterfers Laboratories. The new cutting fluid has a unique chain-link synthetic technology, to provide physical and chemical protection over a broad range of conditions. It features excellent lubricity and corrosion protection without compromise to health, safety and environmental concerns, the company says. Highlights include excellent corrosion protection, increased tool life and improved surface quality, very long sump life and low foam in high-pressure applications. Phone: (800) 433-5823. Web:

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