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Summertime may have a sleepy reputation, but at LubesnGreases weve been buzzing. Every month since June weve delivered a terri?c new product in addition to your magazine. Each is a unique and original resource backed up by LubesnGreases research. And weve provided all of them to 15,500 North American print edition subscribers and paid international subscribers at no additional cost.

This month we unveil the 2005 Global Guide to Nonconventional Base Stocks, a colorful wall chart listing 180 oil and chemical plants that manufacture the leading products: esters, silicones, polyisobutene, phosphate esters, polyalkylene glycol, and of course API Group III, polyalphaole?ns and poly internal ole?ns. Names, locations and estimated capacities are highlighted for most.

Last month we published the annual Lubricants Industry Sourcebook, the industrys premier source for information about the diverse companies that make up the North American lube industry and its key suppliers. Tabbed and indexed for easy use, the Sourcebook provides company names, addresses, contacts, e-mail and web sites, plus product information, for nearly 700 unique companies. Plus the Sourcebook includes eye-opening data on the lubricant marketplace.

In June we launched our base stock guides with the 2005 Guide to Global Base Oil Re?ning, an immensely popular wall chart listing more than 150 worldwide mineral base oil re?neries, with locations, API Group and capacities.

Want to know more about these extraordinary new offerings from LubesnGreases? Want to order copies? Please visit

Drain intervals are a major focus of this issue, with passionate opinions and probings from Automotive Editor David McFall, from long-drain pioneers Amsoil Inc., and from 3,000-mile-interval advocates Shell Oil Products US (owners of Pennzoil-Quaker State and the Jiffy Lube franchise). Enjoy!

P. S. A tip of the hat this month to the Petroleum Packaging Council, holding its fall meeting Aug. 21-23 in Boston.

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