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Mix Small Samples

Thomas Scientific introduces a new line of vortex mixers designed for use with test tubes, flasks, beakers and other small containers. The Thomas Touch vortex mixer is a one-touch unit with a fixed speed of 3,200 rpm for high-speed mixing. The Thomas Analog offers variable speed control from 100 to 3,200 rpm in continuous or touch-mode operation. Multi-Tube Vortexers provide hands-free vortexing of up to 50 tubes or three microassay plates. A wide range of accessories maximizes the mixers versatility. Web:, keyword: 8294B30

Ashless Pack from Ciba

Ciba Specialty Chemicals has launched a new ashless (metal-free) package, Irgalube ML 5010, for anti-wear hydraulic fluids that meet the stringent dry and wet phase requirements of the Denison T6H20C Hybrid Pump test. Hydraulic fluids formulated with Ciba Irgalube ML 5010 provide long-term lubricant stability, says the company, and protect equipment operating at high pressure and temperature. Being ashless means the additive package wont contribute to heavy metal contamination of the environment, Cibas Michael Fletschinger points out. Web:

Star Gear Lubes Promise to Shine

Chevron has introduced Texaco Star gear lubricants, promising near-synthetic performance at conventional lubricant prices in protecting gears used in the harshest environments. The 80W-90 and 85W-140 multipurpose gear lubricants are ideally suited to meet the financial and performance needs of all heavy-duty vehicles and equipment used in on-highway and off-highway operation, the company said. They offer extended drain intervals, improved protection for gears and fuel economy similar to synthetics. Texaco Star Gear products meet API GL-4, GL-5 and MT-1, as well as all major OEM requirements, such as Dana, Mack and Eaton. They are available through Texaco lube marketers. Web: www.chevrontexaco

New Low-Ash Additive

Lubrizol last month unveiled a new low-ash additive technology that it created to improve corrosion resistance, wear protection and maintenance intervals for stationary 4-stroke gas engines, such as those used for power generation. Lubrizol 6885A has universal applicability in Group I and II base oils and proven performance in a number of Waukesha and Caterpillar engines in gas compression and co-generation applications. Treat rate is 9.37 percent by weight. Web: www.

Jetmix for Emulsions

Metalworking fluid supplier Blaser Swisslube has created the new Jetmix emulsion mixing device for coolant management. The Jetmix ensures a completely homogeneous, more stable emulsion through cavitation, mixing water and concentrate consistently and correctly. Jetmix allows for easy adjustment of concentration and requires only a water connection to operate. Maximum throughput is 7.9 gallons per minute. Said to be virtually maintenance-free, the unit can be mounted on a wall or directly to a drum or tote. Web:

Syn-oils for Motorcycles

Amsoil recently introduced new synthetic motorcycle oils, reformulated to boost transmission protection, wet clutch performance, corrosion protection and heat resistance. Available in 10W-40 and 20W-50 viscosities, the oils protect American and metric motorcycle engines and transmissions both on the road and when sitting idle or in storage, the company says. Web:

Low-VOC Stamping

Houghton International has added Cindol 4612 – a solvent based vanishing lubricant – to its line of metal stamping lubricants. It addresses VOC (volatile organic compound) concerns in high-speed, light stamping of ferrous and nonferrous metals. Cindol 4612s odorless carrier solvent evaporates readily, leaving minimal residue, with lower VOCs than conventional low-flash vanishing lubes. Applications include fin stamping for air conditioners, computer connector stamping, and trim press operations for die casting. Drying times are comparable to other vanishing lubricants with lower flash points and higher VOC levels, Houghton adds. Web:

Automated Mini-viscometer

Petrolab Co. announced a new viscometer for measuring kinematic viscosity of fuels and oils. The Grabner Minivis 445 is automatic, portable, fast, rugged and easy to operate in the lab or field, the company said, with excellent correlation to standard ASTM D445 capillary viscometers. It offers a combined measurement of kinematic and dynamic viscosity as well as the density of liquids. The Minivis 445 features automatic 5 mL sample introduction, with results in minutes. Web:

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