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Get More from Hydraulics

Responding to OEM, blender and end-user demand for higher levels of hydraulic fluid performance, additive supplier RohMax has launched Maximum Efficiency Hydraulic Fluid, or MEHF. RohMax says MEHF is a performance level definition characterized by high viscosity index and good shear stability. RohMax aims to show users how to reduce operating expenses and increase energy efficiency in hydraulic equipment by adopting higher-performing fluids – and also to help formulators create high-value MEHF products. Our focus is to develop additive technology that delivers value to everyone in the industry, explains Doug Placek of RohMax. Visit www.mehf. com to learn more.

Track Run Hours

An onboard, electronic device that measures the actual run hours of virtually any equipment – engines, motors, hydraulic pumps, compressors, etc., whether stationary or moving – has been introduced by Shockwatch. Its RF Hourmeter sends run-time information via wireless network to either local or remote computers running the companion management software. Its ideal for companies that want to schedule maintenance based on actual operating hours rather than the calendar, says the company, and its alert capabilities tell when maintenance, such as oil changes or other service, is due. Contact: Becky Roccaforte, Shockwatch, 7929 Brookriver Dr., Suite 200, Dallas TX 75247. Phone: (800) 527-9497. Web:

Boost Grease Gun Efficiency

It can take about 800 strokes of the average hand grease gun to fill a small, centralized lubrication system reservoir. But Alemites fast, light and durable new reservoir filler gun can dispense 14 ounces in less than 60 seconds. It supplies up to 1,000 psi, and will not pump air into a centralized lubrication system. Best of all, operators can use the gun with their own electric drill, so no strokes are required. You can literally just reach in your toolbox and use your own drill to operate it, says Alemites Bill Sumner. The affordable gun requires much less effort and time to use than a lever gun, with a minimal increase in cost, he added. Phone: (866) 425-3648. Web:

Separate Oil Fast

AlfaPure Z3 is a complete separation system designed for cleaning and recycling metalworking coolants and wash liquids. By efficient removal of oil, grease and solid particles, the AlfaPure Z3 extends the life of water based service fluids, cuts production costs, and increases productivity. The compact centrifugal separation system occupies less than 18 sq.ft. of floor space, yet handles tank volumes up to 80,000 gallons. The maker boasts that it can extend the life of wash fluids by up to six times, and with topping off, metalworking fluids can last as long as 10 years – meaning the system can pay for itself in less than one year. Contact: Gerald Cole, Alfa Laval, 1311 Ridge Rd., Hinckley OH 44233. Phone: (330) 278-2303. Web:

Upgrade Your ATF

Lubrizol has unveiled a new Dexron-III, H-revised automatic transmission fluid additive chemistry to meet the challenges of todays more stringent driving conditions. The upgrade responds to a variety of trends and market drivers, including higher operating temperatures, reduced sump sizes, higher fluid turnover rates, increased energy densities and reduced cooling capacities. To accommodate geographical variances, notes the companys Mark Wilson, we have more than one product, and can help customers match up different base oil use with the proper additive package type and treat rate. Customers can tailor their formulations to better meet the performance characteristics that are a priority in each given market, he added. E-mail:

Lady Liberty Picks Soy

Hydraulic oil used in elevators can leak, leaving a puddle at the bottom of the shaft and causing environmental and fire concerns. So the Statue of Liberty has switched to using a soybean oil based fluid in its elevators. The soy fluid had to match the performance of the former petroleum based fluid exactly, notes the National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research, part of the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. It also had to be readily biodegradable, come from a renewable resource, be economical, non-polluting, and meet all industry standards for safety and performance. Agri-Lube Inc., under license from NCAUR, manufactures the soy hydraulic oil. Phone Sevim Erhan, (309) 681-6532, or e-mail for information. Or see the Soy Products Guide at www.unitedsoybean. org/newuses.

Weigh to Go

Mettler Toledos new Xpress XFS-XIF floor scale was created with shipping and receiving as well as inventory control needs in mind. The floor scales are ideal for rapid and accurate general purpose weighing in environments demanding economical solutions, such as small processing plants and shipping/receiving departments, says the maker. The floor-scale package offers quick connects and factory calibration, allowing it to operate out of the box immediately, with minimal set up – a real time saver. E-mail: Web:

Clean and Toss

New Pig has introduced the Pig Oil-Only mop system, to clean oily spots and overspray on the floor, under equipment, or on the sides of machinery and walls. It features a 360-degree swivel aluminum mop head that accommodates a disposable absorbent mop pad, which is firmly held in place by hoop-and-loop closures. When cleaning is complete, simply remove the used Oil-Only pad and dispose of it – no wringing or laundering required. Phone: (800) 468-4647. Web:

Simplify Your CMS

Managing chemicals is expensive! With everything from regulatory compliance to storage, companies can find themselves spending up to 10 times the amount a chemical is worth just to manage it, says Actio. To help, it created Actio Gatekeeper, an automated system to route and track chemical requests, approvals and purchases. It can significantly lower the cost of automating a companys chemical management tasks, and provides further savings though its Internet based software subscription model that eliminates the need to purchase highly complex applications. The software performs preliminary chemical screening against an exhaustive library of government and health/safety lists, plus does tracking, inventory management and accountability for companies of all sizes. Web:

Learn Lubes Online

ChevronTexaco Products Co. has recently launched, an online training and information resource for those in the lubrication and maintenance fields, especially the on- and off-highway, construction, mining and industrial segments. The site can be a convenient, cost and time-effective solution for individuals interested in job-related training and education on lubricant technologies, trends, issues and solutions. We believe Lubricants University is a unique offering that addresses the constant demand for technical training and the general industry knowledge our customers require, points out company Vice President Craig Duncan. The first offering, Fundamentals of Lubrication, is being offered free of charge for a limited time. Details: www.

High-barrier Liner for IBCs

CDF Corp. has launched into the high-barrier foil liner market, with a new family of IBC liners made with an impermeable layer of aluminum foil to help ensure the long-term integrity of environmentally sensitive products. The high-barrier liners are suggested for products that require exceptional levels of moisture and oxygen protection. Careful manufacturing controls and technology help ensure that the liners are precise in every dimension and that every seal is uniform. Web:

Make Your Oil Last

The model N100 is Kleenteks largest-ever electrostatic oil cleaning and hydraulic equipment improvement system. Designed for operations with large reservoirs, such as paper production, power generation and steel processing, the N100 can reduce the need for oil changes and system down-time. It uses Kleentek electrostatic technology to clean oil of submicron particles (0.01 micron and below) as well as large contaminants. Its filtering volume of 10,100 gallons and flow rate of 5.5 gallons per minute are double those of previous models. It will have an NEMA 4 rating from the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, allowing it to be used outdoors even in rain, high humidity and extreme temperatures. Phone: (800) 252-4647. Web:

Intrigued by China?

Interested in the automotive aftermarket in China? To help companies investigate possible ventures or operations there, the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association has published Global Aftermarket Trends: China. It was developed to provide extensive data and information that is key to business success in China, including: passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles sales data (by make and model) and production (by manufacturer and segment); detailed U.S.-China trade statistics for automotive parts and components; key government, business and media contacts, and more. It also reviews important Chinese cultural and business practices. Price is $395 for AAIA members; $695 for nonmembers. Phone: (301) 654-6664. Web:

Fluid for Food Processors

Citgos new Clarion fire resistant hydraulic fluid is formulated specifically for hydraulic systems found in food-processing operations such as industrial bakeries, fryers, ovens and cookers. It features the ability to lower overall system temperatures, provide better system performance, and ultimately, lower power consumption while providing the fire resistance needed to meet insurance requirements. Its approved by Factory Mutual under the Group 1 (less flammable) classification, and registered as H-1 with NSF for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. Contact: Citgo Petroleum, P.O. Box 3758, Tulsa OK 74102.

Skimmer is Portable

The Tote-It oil skimmer is rugged, dependable and portable, says the maker. Suitable for removing oil from parts washing and machining center applications, it also can help reduce bacteria growth in tanks along with resulting odor. Tote-Its patented design can remove up to 12 gallons per hour of free-floating oil from water. It can be hand-carried to any indoor or outdoor applications, from one tank to another, and weighs just 36 pounds. It can also be used in permanent installations, such as limited access areas. The belt skimmers design is one of the most inexpensive methods for removing oil from water, Abanaki says, and skimmed oil can be recycled or reused as a lubricant or fuel. Phone: (800) 358-7546. Web:

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