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Slicker Tickers for Old Cars?

Shell Lubricants has introduced Quaker State Higher Mileage Engine with Slick 50, combining two of the companys popular consumer brands in one motor oil. The product will help reduce oil consumption from worn or leaky seals and burn-off, and is engineered to help restore power and performance in vehicles that have logged over 75,000 miles, the company said. In addition, it resists oil-related sparkplug fouling and intake valve deposits. Shell sees great opportunity for the combination product, noting that 64 percent of vehicles are 75,000-plus miles, but only 13 percent of those older vehicles currently use high-mileage engine oil. Web: and

Ashless Edge for Racers

New ashless additive technologies from Lubrizol are intended to keep snowmobiles, motorcycles, go-karts and other racing vehicles powered by two-stroke engines with power valves running cleaner and deposit-free. Lubrizol 426 is designed for general racing applications, and 426E combines the 426 additive package with a proprietary ester to meet the increased demands that power valves place on a twostroke engine. Both additive packages prevent preignition problems, provide enhanced detergency and minimize piston seizure, and improve ring stick performance and eliminate power valve sticking, the additive company said. Formulated with a rust and corrosion inhibitor, 426 and 426E are suited for use in personal watercraft. Web:

Shrinkable Shelter

ProtectWrap, a new outdoor-storage grade shrink film from Protective Packaging Corp., offers anti-corrosion and UV protection. Available in thicknesses of 4 mils to 10 mils, the inflammable new material comes in rolls up to 40 ft. wide and 200 ft. long. Larger coverage areas can be protected by overlapping and easy bonding with the heat gun. When heated, the film sticks to itself and shrinks around the product, cooling to a tight fit. It does not stick to the product being wrapped, and can be removed easily with scissors or a knife. Designed for outdoor transit or storage of very large items and equipment, ProtectWrap prevents corrosion without becoming brittle or cracking from sun exposure. Web: www.

Lubolid Joins Molykote Stable

Dow Corning has given a new identity to its Lubolid products by including them in the Molykote portfolio of automotive lubricant products and services. Order numbers and product formulations will not change, but packaging will have the look of the Molykote brand. New packaging designs allow up to 20 local languages for products in Europe, four in Asia and four in the Americas. The new identity for Molykote Lubolid products will improve ease of use by customers and distributors, Dow Corning said. E-mail: Web:

Meters Monitor Flow

Universal Flow Monitors announces a series of flow meters for monitoring and circulating lubricating oil and other clean fluids in industrial machinery applications. The meters have optional alarm switches to protect machinery and minimize downtime in the event of flow failure. Meters can transmit oil flows from onetenth gallon per minute to 160 gpm. Calibrated for specific oils, the meters are said to be easy to install, operate and maintain. They mount in-line, in any orientation, with no straight pipe runs required. Meters and switches are rated for hazardous locations, and meters have CSA, CE and Cenelec certifications. Phone: (248) 542-9635. Web:

Tough Bearings, NoWear Coats

NoWear coated bearings withstand severe operating conditions due to sudden load variations, high temperatures, poor lubrication, vibration, smearing and contamination, says SKF. The patented NoWear coating can be furnished on all SKF bearing types without introducing major design changes. SKF applies the coating, only a few microns thick, on contact surfaces using a vapordeposition process, allowing the bearing steel to retain resilience while contributing hardness and low friction coefficient. Phone SKF at (800) 440-4753. Web:

Stop Microbes Cold

Shur Cool 4055 from T&L Specialty Co. is a semisynthetic metalworking fluid formulated to inhibit microbial growth while providing excellent corrosion control, rust protection and lubricity. As a result, the company said, machining centers can do away with tank-side biocide systems. T&L provides custom blended chemicals including cleaning agents, coolants, rust preventives, metalforming lubricants and more. Phone: (800) 882-5966. Web:

Spill? Feed It to Microbes

Warren Oil is partnering with Clift Industries to market an advanced bioremediation technology, Microbe Oil Spill Cleaner. It uses safe, naturally occurring microbes to degrade hazardous substances (hydrocarbon spills, contaminated soil, etc.) and convert them to nontoxic ones. The microbes eat oil, leaving only water and CO2 behind. Previously, only large environmental and oilfield service companies had this technology; now, says Irvin Warren, his firm is taking it directly to consumers. The cleaner is so powerful, adds Clift Industries Matt Barnhill, it turns flammable hydrocarbons into nonflammable hydrocarbons in 90 seconds or less. It actually eliminates the unwelcome material rather than just moving it around. Contact: Chris Spell (800) 779-6456, Jim Kelly (800) 428-9284, or Ed Davis (832) 515-3474.

Software for Jobbers

Purchase orders and buy-backs consume a tremendous amount of time for the jobbers accounting staff, notes Carl Dalton of DM2 Software. So his company has introduced an interface between its business management product and ConocoPhillips order system that automates purchase orders, buy-backs and supplemental allowances for the oil companys jobbers. DM2 estimates the interface can save a jobbers accounting staff a minimum of one day per week, while increasing accuracy, by eliminating duplicate entry of information into both the DM2 and ConocoPhillips systems. It can also streamline the time needed to analyze the profit margins for individual customers. Phone: (800) 866-5151. Web:

Kleerkut for Alloys

Kleerkut 4900 is a new semi-synthetic metalworking fluid from Harry Miller Corp., specially designed for machining and grinding high-temperature alloys, stainless steel and titanium alloys. Exceptionally resistant to bacteria, Kleerkut 4900 is versatile, the company said, and can be used in a wide range of applications including turning, milling, grinding, shaving and straightening operations. It provides sufficient lubrication for all steel grades, and can be used on aluminum or other nonferrous metals such as copper, brass or bronze. The fluid is low foaming and is designed for good compatibility with central systems using filtration. Phone: (215) 324-4000. Web:

Fine Ferrous Forging Fluid

Dylon Industries has developed a new heavy-duty, low-temperature synthetic ferrous forging lubricant, dubbed Grade FW-3857. The fluids new chemistry includes proprietary organic components, binders and extreme pressure additives, resulting in a highly lubricous coating on dies that are normally in the 170 to 500 degree F (76 to 260 degrees C) range. Benefits of the new fluid include better definition of fine details, increased die life and superior fill, without fumes or gasses, Dylon said. FW-3857 dilutes easily, even in hard water. Spraying is recommended for uniform coating. Phone (800) 237-8246 or fax (216) 651-1777.

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