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Volume 24, Issue 6: June 2018 Lubes'n'Greases Magazine


Spotlight on Grease

Modern grease formulation is a balancing act of performance, service life and energy efficiency. Two companies give insight into the drivers of innovation for these products.

Running through the Cold

Gone are the frigid mornings of yore when engine oils were as sluggish as shivering drivers. But can the latest low-viscosity oils flow in winter without cold-weather additives?

Seizing Wastes Potential

A citys trash can also be an energy treasure trove, as long as the oils protecting landfill gas engines are able to keep contaminants at bay.

New Vehicles, New Challenges

EVs and hybrids arent the only new technologies chasing down internal combustion engines. CNG and other alternative powertrains are close behind, each with unique lubrication needs.

Will Varnish Vanish?

New oils and maintenance techniques may finally scrub the threat of varnish from the face industrial equipment.

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