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A Biobased First

AT Renewable Penetrating Lubricant is the worlds first almost 100 percent biobased industrial lubricant, claims Finnish chemical company AT-Tuote. The product is blended from 95 percent renewable base oil, including compatriot base oil company Nestes MY Renewable Isoalkane. AT Renewable Penetrating Lubricant is available as a spray and can be used in a variety of industrial, automotive and home applications.

AT Renewable Penetrating Lubricant is being rolled out in the Nordic countries first, followed by Germany, North America and Brazil in spring 2020.

According to Nestes website, MY Renewable Isoalkane is a low-sulfur and aromatic content isoparaffinic oil made from waste and residue oils and fats. It is also biodegradable in accordance with the OECD 301 test guideline. www.attuote.fl


Premium Lubes for Qatar

Qatar Fuel Company launched Oto, a line of premium automotive lubricants, on sale at the companys chain of fuel retail service stations throughout the peninsula. The range includes Oto Motiv, a full synthetic motor oil for petrol engines that is available in SAE 5W-40, 10W-40 and 20W-50; Oto Max Diesel in 15W-40; and the Oto Pro series of ancillary fluids, such as gear oil.

The company, known locally as Woqod, says the oils meet major international original equipment manufacturer specifications and has API SN approval.

Oto Motiv is formulated with Shell technology and uses Qatari gas-to-liquids base oil. The range is available in 1, 4 and 5 liter packs, as well as drums.


Cepsa Making Waves in Marine Market

Spanish lube company Cepsa has developed two new IMO 2020-compliant lubricant, as well as a fuel, to capitalize on the new marine sulfur regulation, which was rolled out in January.

Designed at its research center near Madrid, Gavia 4050 and Larus 2040 maritime lubricants are designed for marine diesel engines using very low sulfur fuel oil fuels.

Larus 2040 oil is for four-stroke marine diesel engines and is compatible with ultra low sulfur fuel oil and VLSFO, and can be used on dual-fuel vessels with liquefied natural gas. Gavia 4050 oil has been developed for slow marine two-stroke engines.


Totally Cool

French lube company Total Lubmarine launched an environmentally friendly inhibitor concentrate engine coolant. Made using Totals own carboxylate technology, WT Supra Coolant is for two-stroke, four-stroke and static engines as well as smaller, high-speed auxiliary engines. According to Total, WT Supra contains no phosphates, nitrates, amines, boron or silicates, which are typically found in other coolants.

The coolant reduces operating costs, increases reliability, mitigatesengine risks and reduces environmental impact, the company states in a press release. It also offers protection of wet cylinder liners at elevated temperatures; a low rate of inhibitor depletion; corrosion and cavitation protection for aluminum, brass,
copper, solder, steel and iron; and at least 32,000 hours in engines with just a 5 percent concentration by volume, Total also says. WT Supra is available worldwide.

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