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VLS Files Complaint Over Toyota Oil

A watchdog for Europes engine oil market has accused a British supplier of Toyota genuine oils of making false performance claims.

ACEA 2018 Delayed Until 2020

The European Automobile Manufacturers Associations 2018 engine oil sequences will be delayed until at least mid-2020, ACEAs heavy-duty diesel chairman told a conference in Germany last week. He added, though, that the delay would not cause significant problems.

Europe Tackles Read-Across, Interchange

Europes lubricant industry has fallen far behind in the development of base oil interchange and viscosity grade read-across guidelines but is now working to develop rules so oil companies can better cope with growing market complexity.

UEIL Battles Anti-competitive Practices

Competition rules in the European Union allow automakers to recommend certain brands of replacement parts, including engine oils and other lubricants, but prohibit them from requiring or coercing customers to use them as a condition of maintaining vehicle warranties.

ACEA 2018 Adoption Delayed by ILSAC Tests

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association has delayed approval of its ACEA 2018 engine oil sequences because of work that still needs to be done on engine tests developed by the groups counterparts in North America.

ACEA Works Toward 2018 Upgrade

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association is working to complete an upgrade of its ACEA automotive engine oil standards by the end of this year. The first upgrade since 2016, the 2018 European Oil Sequences promise new and replacement tests, additional light-duty categories and the potential elimination of older such categories.