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New Spec Impacts Base Oil Quality Demands

Japans introduction of an ultra-low viscosity passenger car motor oil specification, GLV-1, in October will drive demand for base oils with a higher viscosity index, according to a senior official at Toyota Motor Corp.

Chinese Marketers Eye Chinese Standards

Chinese lubricant marketers generally follow lubricant specifications developed in North America or Europe, but one of the markets leading suppliers foresees a time when they rely at least partly on the countrys own standards.

JASO Preps Ultra-low-viscosity PCMO Spec

The Japanese Automotive Standards Organization is preparing for adoption next month of a new specification for ultra-low-viscosity 0W-12 and 0W-8 passenger car motor oils, GLV-1, with plans to introduce it to market in October.

Shandong to Phase Out Older Trucks

Shandong province aims by 2020 to replace all local diesel vehicles that dont comply with emissions standards newer than China 3 - which was adopted in 2005 - according to a policy issued Feb. 9.

Southeast Asia Shifts to Better Engine Oils

Automotive engine oil demand in Southeast Asia is gradually shifting from obsolete grades to higher quality products, a Lubrizol official told an industry conference here last week. But lubricant marketers could probably help accelerate the process by cooperating with service workshops.

China Drafts Diesel Engine Oil Specifications

A group of major Chinese vehicle makers and energy giants are working on the nations first lubricant specification for diesel truck engines.

Asia Expected to Use SN Plus

North America may be the home of API, but the organizations next engine oil category, API SN Plus, should also spread to other regions, according to industry insiders. Officials from two lubricant additive companies told Lube Report it only makes sense since small displacement, direct injected and turbocharged engines are also common in Asia-Pacific.

JAMA Proposes SAE 0W-8 Spec

Members of the Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Association want to continue pioneering lower-viscosity oils by developing a specification for SAE 0W-8 engine oils by April 2019 for the countrys passenger vehicle market.

Lopal IPO Fetches $71 Million

In its initial public offering, Jiangsu Lopal Petrochemical Co. raised 494 million (U.S. $71.68 million) to build several new production, warehouse and office facilities.

Indonesia Writes National Lube Spec

Indonesia is writing a national standard for lubricants and plans to implement it in the near future, according to a member of the Association of Lubricant Distributors, Importers & Manufacturers, a trade group in the country. The government hopes the standard will restrain the flow of imports and reduce the volume of substandard lubes.