Ford Recalls Ungreased Trucks


Failure to grease key air brake assembly parts has led to a truck recall by Ford.

The recall beginning this month affects 231 model year 2010 F650 and F750 commercial trucks built by Ford joint venture Blue Diamonds assembly plant in Escobedo, Mexico, from July 13, 2009, through Sept. 8, 2009. The trucks are typically used for towing, heavy hauling and construction.

In its Dec. 7 letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Ford said its new supplier for front and rear axle assemblies may have shipped vehicles without grease in the S-cam lubrication tube at the wheel locations. According to Fords letter, Arven Meritor manufactured the axles for the affected trucks in Escobedo.

The S-cam transmits force to the brake shoes on air brake vehicles, Ford explained. If the S-cam is not lubricated, corrosion may develop over time, which may restrict release of the service brake at the affected wheel and may result in excessive brake temperatures and possibly longer stopping distances. Restriction in the S-cam release could also cause noise, odor, smoke and/or brake pull.

The company said it will notify owners and instruct them to take their vehicle to a Ford dealer to add lubricant to the S-cam lubrication tube and check the S-cam for free movement at all four wheel locations.

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