Dow, BASF, Kraton Step Up Prices


Dow has increased prices for oxygenated solvents, while BASF has raised prices for intermediates used in manufacturing lubricants and Kraton Polymers announced price hikes for polymers used in lubricants.

Midland, Mich.-based Dow Chemical Co. on Thursday said it will raise list and off-list prices in North America for several types of oxygenated solvents by 3 cents to 10 cents per pound effective Oct. 1, or as contracts allow. In a related move, Dow announced a mid-September off-list increase of 5 cents/lb. on all grades of the solvent isopropanol.

The relentless rise and ongoing volatility in feedstock remains our most difficult challenge, said Mark Bassett, Dows global business director for oxygenated solvents. While we are mindful of the impact these higher prices will have on our customers, these price increases are necessary for us to obtain the raw materials required for us to reliably supply our customers.

Ludwigshafen, Germany-based BASF said it will increase sale prices for mono-, di- and tri-isopropanolamines by 70 (U.S. $100) per metric ton. The price change applies to current supply agreements as soon as allowed under their terms and conditions.

The chemical intermediates are used in industrial lubricants to inhibit corrosion and in surfactants. They are also used in gas scrubbing and production of cement additives, colorants, pharmaceuticals and crop protection agents.

Houston-based Kraton Polymers said that effective Oct. 1, it will increase prices for SBS and OE SBS polymers in the Americas by $110/mt or 5 cents/lb. Kraton also will raise prices Oct. 1 on the same polymers by 100/mt in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

The polymers are used in lubricants and other applications ranging from personal care to paving.

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