Biobased Oil Sports a Donut


Green Earth Technologies biodegradable G-Oil 5W-30 motor oil can now display the American Petroleum Institutes donut service symbol. It is the first biobased motor oil to receive an API license.

Its been almost two years in the making and a true team effort, but I am happy to say that G-Oil motor oil is finally ready for retail, said Jeffrey Loch, cofounder and chief marketing officer of Green Earth Technologies. The Stamford, Conn.-based company certified to API that its 5W-30 motor oil meets the requirements for API SM, the latest gasoline engine oil performance specification.

G-Oil 5W-30 will be supplied to retailers in bulk and in quart bottles in coming months. The company says it is now finalizing testing and anticipates licensing its biodegradable 10W-30 and 5W-20 multigrades this summer.

The 5W-30 API SM motor oil is expected to retail at$5.99 to $6.99 per quart, with promotional prices around $4.99 per quart. A Green Earth Technologies spokeswoman said the company is planning a “five-for-$25 with free oil filter”special. While the company cannot yet list retail outlets that will carryG-Oil motor oil, it is optimistic that it will successfully penetrate auto parts stores and mass merchandisers.

G-Oil branded two- and four-cycle oils and bar and chain oil for outdoor power equipment, as well as appearance products and other automotive chemicals, have been available in retail outlets since May 2008.

Green Earth formulates its oils from processed animal fats. One cow, the company calculates, can supply enough fat for 110 quarts of motor oil.

Last month, Simon Higgs was named Green Earth Technologies president and chief operating officer, replacing Mathew Zuckerman, who resigned for medical reasons. Jeff Marshall continues as chairman and chief executive officer.

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