Orange Line to Extend Eneos West


Nippon Oil U.S.A. Ltd. has selected Orange Line Oil Co. to distribute Eneos brand synthetic motor oils throughout the western United States.

Under the agreement, Orange Line Oil will serve as the West Coast distribution center by partnering with other distributors in California, Oregon and Washington.

We have enjoyed a successful partnership with Orange Line Oil for several years and look to its expertise in the oil distribution industry to expand our companys bandwidth to all of the western states, said Yasuhiro Kawasaki, president of Itasca, Illinois-based Nippon Oil U.S.A. Parent company Nippon Oil, based in Tokyo, Japan, owns the Eneos brand.

Nippon Oil says it works with most Asian automotive manufacturers in developing lubricants on an original equipment level. Eneos synthetic motor oil grades include 0W-20, 5W-20, 5W-30, 5W-40, and 0W-50.

Orange Line said its objective is to supply the synthetic motor oils to West Coast auto dealerships, quick lubes, high-performance centers and repair shops.

“We believe the future is in synthetic motor oil, as environmentally-conscience consumers switch from conventional products to synthetics to achieve longer equipment life and improved fuel economy,” said Orange Line Oil Company President, Scott Tredinnick. “Dealers and automotive shops that can educate consumers about the benefits of synthetics stand to be the most successful.”

Orange Line Oil operates a 21,000 square foot warehouse, and 47 bulk oil storage tanks with total capacity of more than 350,000 gallons at its two-acre location in Pomona, Calif.

In 1970, John and Louise Strasser founded Orange Line Oil Co. Inc., a wholesale lubricants distributor. Orange Line’s current location in Pomona was acquired in 1974.

The company sells bulk oil to car dealerships and automotive shops from just north of the Mexican border to Paso Robles, Calif.

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