Sales Execs: Who Tops the Charts?


Sales and marketing managers who work for U.S. lubricant manufacturers earn an average of almost $123,500 a year, according to the latest Lubricants Industry Salary Survey conducted by LubesnGreases magazine. Thats one-third more than their counterparts working at lube distributors, who said they earn an average of $93,000.

The LubesnGreases 2008 Lubricants Industry Salary Survey looks at how compensation varies by type and size of company, geographic region, length of time in the job, and number of people supervised. It also looks at general demographics for three job positions: plant managers, sales and marketing managers, and laboratory/R&D managers.

The typical sales and marketing manager who responded to the survey is 49.3 years old and has nearly 20 years of industry experience. He or she supervises an average of 5.4 other people, and has 12 years of tenure with the current employer, the magazine reported in its November issue. Only 5 percent of the 260 sales and marketing respondents are women.

Company size is one of the strongest factors in compensation, the survey found, and pay tends to rise with the size of the enterprise. Compensation for sales and marketing chiefs at companies with just 11 to 50 employees averaged $82,500 a year, and progressed steadily upward, reaching an average of more than $130,000 a year for those with firms of more than 500 employees.

Other insights from the survey, released in the magazines November issue, include:

  • The highest-paid respondent reported an annual compensation of $300,000, while the lowest-paid respondent made $23,500 per year.
  • Sales/marketing managers from the Southcentral states reported the highest average salaries overall, at $122,000.
  • Eighty-one percent of sales and marketing managers at lube manufacturers said they got a raise in the prior 12 months, while only 46 percent of those at lube distributors reported a pay hike in that time. Conversely, 36 percent of the respondents with lube distributors said they expect to earn a commission, while only 11 percent of those with lube manufacturers did.

This is the sixth time LubesnGreaseshas directly surveyed key lubricants industry employees about their compensation. The 2008 survey, conducted in July and August, drew a total of 422 responses from individuals, including 260 who identified themselves as sales and marketing executives at lube manufacturers or distributors. Responses were sent directly from the individuals to an independent statistical research firm, which compiled and analyzed the data in strict confidence.

In October, LubesnGreases featured survey highlights for lube plant managers compensation. In early December, the magazine will showcase results for laboratory and R&D managers.

The complete detailed 2008 salary survey report is $75 per copy from LNG Publishing Co. and will be available in late November. Visit for ordering information.

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