Oxea Expands Carboxylic Acid Output


Oxea yesterday outlined plans to produce butyric acid at its North American production site in Bay City, Texas, and to implement process improvements at its Marl and Oberhausen, Germany plants. Together, the changes are expected to expand Oxeas global production output of carboxylic acids by 25 to 30 percent.

Carboxylic acids are chemical intermediates in a variety of applications, including production of lubricants and drying agents for coatings and paints. Also used in production of lubricants, butyric acids find other applications in manufacturing of polymer stabilizers, drying agents, and flavors and fragrances.

Oberhausen-based Oxea said the existing production plant in Bay City will receive significant upgrading – expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2009 – to produce the same quality of carboxylic acids, including butyric acid, that is currently delivered from Marl to the United States. It is an upgrading of an existing unit with some new equipment, Oxea spokeswoman Birgit Reichel told Lube Report.

The demand for butyric acids has increased significantly, stated Miguel Mantas, member of the Oxea executive board. Up to now, our American customers received their shipments from Europe. We have now decided to produce high-quality stocks of these acids close to our customers in America and further grow the business in Asia.

In June Oxea signed a memorandum of understanding with Chinese company Shenyang Zhangming Chemical in Zhangyizhan, Shenyang, to form a joint venture to produce carboxylic acids in China and market the products worldwide.

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