Truck Makers Laud Axle Lube


A new, fully synthetic axle lubricant is now standard on Peterbilt and Kenworth Class 5 to 8 model trucks in the United States and Canada. Paccar, parent company for both truck manufacturers, claims that the synthetic oil – manufactured by Cincinnati based specialty chemical supplier Cognis – will give customers an estimated 1 percent fuel economy savings or,Paccar estimates, a savings of $900 in annual fuel costs per vehicle.

Managing fuel costs is an important aspect of the overall design and specification of a Peterbilt vehicle, Larry Reding, Peterbilt assistant general manager of sales and marketing, told Lube Report. Proper specification, the optimum lubrication, is critical in terms of overall fuel efficiency of our vehicles.

In comparison to conventional gear lubes, the Cognis Emgard FE 75W-90 oil, Peterbilt and Kenworth claim, increases gear life, extends drain intervals and reduces maintenance and downtime. The companies also claim that the oil improves fluid flow to protect gears in extreme cold conditions and withstands the stress from high temperatures.

Gary Moore, Kenworth assistant general manager for marketing and sales, said, Fuel economy is extremely important to customers today and an estimated gain of up to 1 percent in fuel efficiency can help produce significant annual savings for a truck fleet or owner-operator.

Axle lubricant is a specially-formulated oil that provides lubrication for various gears and bearings in the rear axle of rear wheel drive cars and trucks. Capable of handling high-pressure loads, the lubricant comes in various viscosities to meet different specifications, and can be formulated from mineral oil or synthetics.

Providing customers technological solutions that improve their business performance is essential in todays economic climate, Reding said.

Peterbilt will introduce the synthetic oil into production at its plants in Denton, Texas, Nashville, Tenn., and St. Therese, Quebec, Canada. Kenworth will introduce the new product at plants in Chillicothe, Ohio, Renton, Wash., and St. Therese.

The announcement from Peterbilt headquarters in Denton, Texas, and Kenworth headquarters in Kirkland, Wash., came last week during the annual Great American Trucking Show in Dallas.

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