Solutia, Oxea Raise Prices


Solutia Inc. recently said it would raise prices on its aviation hydraulic fluids, and Oxea announced an increase in prices on a polyalcohol used in synthetic lubricants.

St. Louis-based Solutia on July 11 announced a global price increase of up to 30 percent on its full line of Skydrol aviation hydraulic fluids effective with orders shipped on or after July 26, for all non-contract customers and where contracts allow. The increase will vary by product, packaging, world area and currency of sale.

As a recognized leader in aviation hydraulic fluids for 60 years, Solutia has an obligation to continue to invest in new fluid development and improvements in manufacturing efficiency and capability in order to meet the ever-changing needs of the commercial aviation industry, said Dale Kline, global commercial director of specialty fluids for Solutia. In addition, given the continued escalation in the cost of energy and raw materials, price increases such as those announced are also unavoidable.

Oberhausen, Germany-based Oxea on Thursday said it would raise list and off-list prices on trimethylolpropane effective Aug. 1, or as contracts allow, by 5 cents per pound in the Americas and by $110 per metric ton in Asia.

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