Chemtura, Oxea Hike Prices


Chemtura last week announced price increases on sulfonates, alkylated diphenylamine and high viscosity PAO. Meanwhile, Oxea announced price increases for carboxylic acids and olefin derivatives, along with a fuel surcharge for deliveries in North America driven by skyrocketing fuel prices.

Oberhausen, Germany-based Oxea on Thursday announced that effective Aug. 1, or as contracts allow, it would raise list and off-list prices on seven lines of carboxylic acids by 5 cents to 15 cents per pound in the Americas, and by $100 to $350 per metric ton in Asia. Two types – n-butyric acid and isobutyric acid – will only see a price increase in Asia. Also effective Aug. 1, Oxea will increase prices in the Americas for three olefin derivatives products by 5 cents to 20 cents per pound. Carboxylic acids and olefin derivatives are used in production of lubricants.

Oxea also announced a temporary fuel charge effective Aug. 1 of $300 per shipment by truck and $600 per shipment by rail. The surcharge applies to deliveries within North America, and the company said it plans to remove the surcharge when fuel prices return to normal levels.

Fuel prices have reached extraordinarily high levels, said Miguel Mantas, a member of Oxeas executive board. We have made several rounds of tough negotiations with Oxeas transportation providers. However, current circumstances have forced us to pass a portion of these cost increases through to our customers.

Chemtura Corp. on Thursday announced an increase in prices of all its sulfonates, alkylated diphenylamine and high viscosity PAO by up to 25 percent effective for all shipments as of or after Aug. 4, or as contracts allow.

This action is necessary due to supply/demand constraints and the continued escalation in key raw material and energy costs, the company said.

Chemturas Naugalube-branded alkylated diphenylamine is an antioxidant used in lubricants, gasoline, diesel and jet fuel. Sulfonates are used as corrosion inhibitors and emulsifiers in metalworking fluids. Chemturas Synton brand PAO is a high viscosity polymer used in automotive and industrial applications that can be used as a high viscosity synthetic oil or as a viscosity modifier for high-performance lubricant or synthetic lubricant formulations such as gear oils and engine oils.

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