New Distributors Tapped


Colonial Specialty Chemicals has been named U.S. distributor of Lonzas metalworking fluid product line, while Multisol Group, in cooperation with French tribology research firm InS, has been named European distributor of lubricant additives based on nanotechnology from ApNano Materials.

Based in Tabernacle, N.J., Colonial Specialty now markets corrosion inhibitor CarboShield 1000, various biocides including Carboquat MW50, and a line of oleochemicals used for lubrication, emulsification and defoaming, from Lonza, which is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. The distributor represents eight manufacturers specializing in a variety of products, including biocides and corrosion inhibitors, vegetable oils, surfactants, emulsifiers, antioxidants, fatty acids, dyes, lard oils and specialty esters.

Throughout Europe – for the next three years – Genay, France-based Multisol will market lubricant additives based on Nanolub, a lubricant coating that has a structure of nested spheres that lubricates by rolling like miniature ball bearings. Nanolub is produced by Israeli solid lubricant manufacturer ApNano Materials.

We are confident that we can help our European customers and suppliers significantly improve the performance of their products, said Multisol Group Chief Executive Paul Oliphant. We see very attractive perspective with this project and we can say that the first feedback received from the European lubricant market is already very promising.

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