LukOil Expands Perm Packaging


OAO LukOil and local government officials took part in an official opening last week for the second stage of a motor oil packaging terminal at the Perm, Russia, refinery.

According to LukOil, the terminal is designed to have capacity to handle up to 140,000 metric tons per year of motor oil. Three process lines in the packaging area ensure production and filling of newly designed 1.4 and 5 liter oil cans. The new oil complex also includes an automated storage facility for more than 4,000 pallets, shelter for five freight cars and five docking facilities for loading of trucks.

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At the terminal, oil goes into heavy-duty three-layer oil cans with multi-level counterfeit protection, which features labels that are neither removable nor remountable. Manufacturing date, serial number and shift identity are marked with laser beams on the oil cans, according to the company.

LukOil said that in 2007, the Perm refinery manufactured 417,000 metric tons of oil, including around 100,000 tons of packaged oil, half of which was filled in small packages. In 2007, the LukOil refineries manufactured 1.1 million metric tons of motor oils. The companys other plants blended and packaged 100,000 metric tons of oil, including volumes manufactured by other LukOil Group refineries.

LukOil LLK-International General Director Maxim Donde told the 12th ICIS World Base Oils Conference on Feb. 20 that LukOil’s Perm refinery produced 600 metric tons of bright stock in January 2008, and planned to produce up to 2,000 tons per month by April.