PetroLiance Picks Kost for Coolants


Lubricants manufacturer Kost USA Inc. recently announced its partnership with PetroLiance LLC to become the distributors exclusive supplier of a full line of coolants and antifreeze under the Medallion PlusGuard brand name, extending a relationship with one of the four companies that joined to form PetroLiance.

PetroLiance is a lubricants and fuels distributor formed in June 2006 through consolidation of four companies: Boncosky Oil Co. near Chicago, Commercial Ullman Lubricants Co. of Ohio, Lubricant Technologies LLC of North Carolina and Young Oil Co. Inc of south Florida. On Sept. 1, PetroLiance acquired AV Lubricants, Columbus, Ohio, which provides lubricants to the aviation industry and to mining operations.

“We had done business for several years prior to PetroLiance with Boncosky Oil in Chicago, with Kevin McCarter, Kost USA regional sales director Dan Bowen told Lube Report. McCarter is now chief executive officer of PetroLiance. Once they started the PetroLiance name, it flowed to all the other locations. They didnt want to have multiple suppliers, and were very happy with us as supplier of antifreeze, so thats how it naturally grew at that point.

Bowen said the antifreeze/coolant, while not a new formula, is a private label name product that Kost USA will manufacture and package for PetroLiance. Theyre one of our most valued customers, Bowen said. The reasons for that are the types of things they are trying to do in the marketplace – creating a private label and establishing their own brand name. We recognize their goals are brand recognition, and it fits well into what our business model is, so its a perfect fit for us.

In addition to antifreeze under the DefendAL brand, Mason, Ohio-based Kost USA manufactures lubricants (AchievAL and ToughinAL brands), fire resistant hydraulic fluids (AchievAL brand) and glycol based heat transfer fluids (KOSTChill brand).

The partnership with PetroLiance is a great opportunity for us to be part of a growing network of distributor locations throughout the Midwest and the Southeast, said Steve Overdeck, Kost vice president of sales and operations. We are in the process of expanding our manufacturing locations to handle future acquisitions that PetroLiance will undertake.

Petroliance offers passenger and commercial vehicle lubricants, industrial lubricants and marine lubricants. It also provides fuels, ancillary products and services.

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