BASF Raises Ethanolamine Prices


BASF recently announced price increases of up to 80 (U.S. $113) per metric ton for ethanolamines, intermediates used in lubricant manufacturing.

The Ludwigshafen, Germany-based company announced it is raising prices worldwide effective immediately, or as existing contracts allow, by 30 per metric ton for monoethanolamines, by 80 per metric ton for diethanolamines and by 60 per metric ton for triethanolamines. BASF said it adjusted prices because of strong demand from all market segments, along with continuously high raw materials and energy costs.

Ethanolamines can be used to neutralize acid components in lubricants. In water-soluble cutting and grinding fluids, they provide alkalinity required to protect against rusting. Ethanolamines are also used as intermediates in the preparation of water-soluble lubricants, emulsifiers, proprietary corrosion inhibitors and biocides.

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