Pilot, Dow, Oxea Up Chemical Prices


Pilot Chemical, Dow and Oxea recently announced price increases for corrosion inhibitors and emulsifiers, oxygenated solvents and solvents, respectively.

Cincinnati-based specialty chemical supplier Pilot Chemical on Sept. 14 announced price increases effective Oct. 15 or as contracts allow on corrosion inhibitors and emulsifiers used in metalworking fluids. The price of Aristonate and Aristol alkyl aryl sulfonates will climb 1 to 3 cents per pound, and Aristonic acids go up 1 to 4 cents per pound. Calimulse emulsion aids will rise 1.5 to 5.5 cents per pound, and Calamide amides will increase 2 to 6.5 cents per pound.

According to Pilot, the increases are a direct result of increased raw materials, energy and transportation costs.

Midland, Mich.-based Dow on Sept. 17 said it would raise list and off-list prices by 2 to 6 cents per pound on a number of its oxygenated solvents in North America effective Oct. 1, or as contracts allow.

Dow attributed the increases primarily to global supply/demand imbalance for the products.

Oxea on Sept. 10 announced it would increase off-list prices on a variety of solvents – butyl acetate, butanol, propyl acetate and propanol – by 6 cents per pound effective Oct. 1 or as contracts allow.

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