Reactors Rise in Bradford


American Refining Group last week installed two catalytic reactors at its Bradford, Pa., lubricants and fuels refinery. ARGs $18 million hydrotreater project, under construction since early 2006, is expected to start production in January 2008 with capacity of 3,800 barrels per day.

One of the reactors installed last week is dedicated to processing lubricant base stocks, while the other will process diesel and distillate solvents. The two reactors are the key pieces of equipment for the hydrotreater project, said Don Keck, vice president of refinery operations.

Another part of the project is construction of a unit to remove sulfur from the refinery fuel gas, improving the fuel balance and reducing flaring. This unit is planned to be operational in November.

The [hydrotreater] project further demonstrates ARGs commitment to the Bradford refinery, its employees and the community, said President and COO Harvey Golubock, who noted that all of the key contractors are Pennsylvania-based. This project is a significant step in our long-term plan to make the refinery a world class lubricants operation.

ARG said that a tank damaged by a microburst – weather – in late August has not slowed the hydrotreater project; another tank needed for the project is under construction.

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