Chemtura Raises Chemical Prices


Chemtura Corp. on Thursday announced that effective immediately or as contracts allow, it will increase prices for all Chemtura fatty acid-based products – including Hystrene, Industrene, Neustrene and Kemester brands – by at least 5 cents per pound on all non-formula based products and by at least 2 cents per pound on all formula based products.

The Middlebury, Conn.-based company said it was raising prices as a result of escalating raw material costs, including tallow, palm oil and soybean oil.

Hystrene and Industrene brand products are antiwear agents.

Neustrene brand hydrogenated triglycerides, produced from selected animal and vegetable raw materials, are used extensively as lubricants for plastics, pharmaceutical intermediates, synthetic waxes, textile lubricants, mold-release agents, buffing compounds, emulsifying agents, adhesives, textile softeners, grease and other lubricants.

The company manufactures a number of fatty esters under the Kemester name. The product has a number of applications, which include metalworking fluids and lubricant components.

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