Alliance Targets Global HVAC Markets


Metalloid Corp. subsidiary Fin Works, Burr Held and Burr Oak Tool and Gauge Co. have announced an alliance to provide product solutions – including metalworking fluids and compounds – for heating, ventilation and air conditioning manufacturers in Europe, Russia, Middle East and China.

Under the agreement, Burr Held will globally manufacture Fin Works fin stamping, tube bending, expanding and HVAC related products. The advanced formulations include technologies such as non-VOC (volatile organic compounds) products, corrosion protection from galvanic and formicary corrosion, water handling properties and bio-resistant products. In addition, both companies will work closely with Burr Oak Tool to provide advice on application and after-sales support for all areas of coil production.

Fin Works formulates, manufactures, markets and services a range of metalworking fluids including coolants for machining and grinding, drawing and stamping compounds, corrosion inhibitors and cleaners. A subsidiary of Metalloid, its corporate offices, laboratory and manufacturing plant are in Huntington, Ind. The company also has a laboratory and manufacturing facility in Jacksonville, Texas.

Burr Oak Tool and Gauge Co. of Sturgis, Mich., provides production machinery to the heat transfer industry.

Burr Held, based in Stuttgart, Germany, manufactures machine lubricants in England, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey and China. The company will provide technical assistance and a worldwide distribution network.

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