ExMo Chem Boosts Naphthalene Capacity


ExxonMobil Chemical has completed a debottleneck project at its specialties plant in Edison, N.J., to raise capacity to produce alkylated naphthalene blend stocks by 40 percent.

Alkylated naphthalenes are API Group V category fluids that are manufactured through the alkylation of naphthalene with olefins. ExxonMobil Chemical claims that the products offer improved hydrolytic, thermal and oxidative stability versus other Group V fluids, and can improve the performance of a variety of finished lubricants. The company sells the products under the Synnestic brand name.

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The fluid is considered particularly suited for use as blend stocks in synthetic lubricant applications that require high stability under extreme operating conditions. Typical lubricants that incorporate the alkylated napththalene blendstocks can include compressor oils, engine oils, hydraulic fluids, high temperature greases, paper machine oils and high temperature gear and bearing industrial oils.

ExxonMobil Chemical launched Synesstic alkylated naphthalene technology in 2003, according to Eric Jansen, global Group V marketing manager.

The Edison plant is also where ExxonMobil manufactured its components additives, a business it sold in March to India’s Dorf Ketal.The plant is to continue making the specialty additives until Dorf Ketal demonstrates its own manufacturing. ExxonMobil Chemical officials saidthe company sold the component additives business to focus on manufacturing synthetic base stocks.

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