MS Fluid Targets South America


MS Fluid Technologies has formed a distributor agreement with ICQL Quimica Ltda., which will sell MS Fluid products, including synthetic stamping lubricants, in Brazil and throughout South America.

MS Fluid Technologies develops and distributes specialty chemicals for metalworking, metal forming and metal finishing industries. ICQL Quimica is based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

MS Fluid has a subsidiary in Mexico, MSC Technologies, going into its second year in operation. Paul Bosler, chief executive officer for Indianapolis-based MS Fluid, told Lube Report that MS Fluid works with many companies who do business globally and who are increasing their business development efforts in South America. It just seemed like a natural fit that if we were going to service them, that wed have to get on board, Bosler said.

As a smaller, private company, MS Fluid has strived to grow organically, according to Bosler. Its been going faster in the last year, he said. This partnership in Brazil came up. Were currently working on something in Croatia, and a partnership in China as well. He said the company also has interests in Japan and in the eastern European market in general. Some of these customers we have are very global, so to really satisfy them weve got to get just about everywhere, he said.

Bosler said MS Fluid sees Brazil and Argentina as the fastest growing markets for its products in South America. Those are related primarily to the automotive markets, though we are also strong in appliances, he said, adding that the companys primary market is suppliers for the automotive industry. OEMs are farming out so much parts work, so we see quite a bit of growth both in Mexico and South America, he added

Through direct account management and partnerships, ICQL serves more than 200 companies in Brazil. Bosler said its business philosophies and products complement those of MS Fluid. He said ICQL has some activities similar to MS Fluids, including capable lab facilities.

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