Publishers Note: LNG EU Launches in June


Coming in June 2007, LubesnGreases Europe – Middle East – Africa is a fresh new magazine from the publishers of Lube Report that will focus on lubricants, base stocks, additives and greases in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Designed and printed in Europe, the new magazine will be free to qualified subscribers in more than 120 countries in the regions covered. To subscribe, visit

Tim Sullivan, founding editor of Lube Report, is managing editor of the new magazine. Tim and his editorial team will cover marketing and technical trends; the companies and people making news; environmental, health and safety and other regulations and legislation; OEM requirements; end-user challenges; and more, in Western and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

LNG EU will have distinct content from our flagship U.S. magazine LubesnGreases, but will offer the same reliable, unbiased, original reporting you expect. LNG EU will cover:

– emerging lube markets in Eastern Europe;
– new automotive standards in Western Europe;
– gas-to-liquids base oils in the Middle East;
– formulating, blending and marketing throughout the regions;
– EU regulations and OEM specifications;
– prospects in Africas growing lube markets;
– new products and services;
– packaging trends;
– people in the news;
– end-user case studies;
– and much more.

LNG EU is free to qualified subscribers – individuals who are active in the lubricants industry as manufacturers, marketers, volume buyers and users, or as suppliers who maintain close ties to the lubricants industry – in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Learn more about subscribing and advertising at

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