Chemical Price Hikes Announced


BASF, Oxea Group, Dow Chemical Co. and Pilot Chemical Co. recently announced price increases forcertain chemical products. BASFs and Oxea Groups products are used in lubricants, while Dows are oxygenated solvents and hydraulic fluids. Pilot Chemicals products are used in metalworking fluids.

On March 5, Dow Chemical Co. announced it would raise list and off-list prices by 3 to cents per pound on a number of its oxygenated solvent products in North America effective April 1 or as contracts allow. The price changes apply to a wide range of acid-, alcohol- and ester-based solvents. In addition, the company said it has put into place a sale allocation of 100 percent of historical purchases or volume commitment to ensure stable supply to all customers.

Demand continues to be strong globally, and we need to compete for raw materials and energy to continue to safely and efficiently supply our customers oxygenated solvents requirements, said Martin Sutcliffe, global business director, glycol ethers.

While we are mindful of the impact of these higher prices on our customers, this price increase is necessary for us to continue to reinvest in the business and grow along with our customers, said Pat Gottschalk, global business director, solvents and intermediates.

On Feb. 26, Dow announced it would raise all off-list prices of Ucon Hydrolube fire- resistant hydraulic fluids in North America effective April 1, or as contracts allow. The increase is 2 cents per pound or 18 cents per gallon for all Ucon Hydrolube concentrates and thickeners; and 2 cents per pound or 18 cents per gallon for fully formulated fluids and high-pressure fluids.

The competitive environment to secure critical petrochemical raw materials, and to justify reinvestment in assets to produce our Hydrolube product line dictate margin improvement, explained Pete Pendergast, marketing manager for Midland, Mich.-based Ucon Fluids and Lubricants. This price increase is necessary to restore margins and provide our valued customers with the quality products and support they expect from Dow.

The company said it could not – at current margin levels – justify activities such as Factory Mutual approvals, fluid performance data and testing, application support for existing fluids and development of new fluids to meet changing customer and market needs.

Customers use the hydraulic fluids in industries such as die casting, steel processing and other fire-sensitive applications.

BASF announced March 12 it raised its price for 2-ethylhexanoic acid by 40 (U.S. $53) per metric ton in Europe immediately or as allowed by contract. It is a chemical intermediate for many different industrial applications, including manufacture of lubricants, plasticizers, PVC stabilizers and drying additives for coatings.

BASF produces 2-Ethylhexanoic acid at its Verbund site in Ludwigshafen, where the company is based.

BASF Intermediates Division Spokesman Klaus-Peter Rieser told Lube Report the company made the price changes in 2-ethylhexanoic acid because of changed conditions in the market environment.

Oxea Group on Thursday also announced a price increase effective April 1 for 2-ethylhexanoic acid, of 40 per metric ton in Europe, 3 cents per pound in the Americas and $60 per metric ton in Asia.

Pilot Chemical announced price increases effective April 15 or as contracts allow for Aristonate and Aristol alkyl aryl sulfonates of 2.5 to 10 cents per pound; and Aristonic Acids by 3.5 to 8 cents per pound. Calimulse emulsion aids will increase by 1 to 2 cents per pound and Emulsifier 95 and 99 will increase by 2 cents per pound. The specialty chemical company attributed the increases to continued feedstock and energy increases.

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