Lube Plant Manager Salaries Near $100K, Survey Finds


Plant managers who work for U.S. lubricant manufacturing companies are paid an average of $99,672 a year, while their counterparts at lube distributors earn an average of $68,509, according to the latest Lubricants Industry Salary Survey conducted by LubesnGreasesmagazine.

The typical plant manager who responded to the survey is 50.5 years old, and has more than 20 years of industry experience. He or she has been with the current employer for 13 years and in the current job for almost 8 years, supervising an average of about 22 people, the survey found. Women are still a minority at 10 percent of the respondents, though that is up from 7 percent in the 2004 survey.

Plant managers who answered the 2006 survey say they work for a diverse range of companies in terms of size. Fifty-two percent are with firms staffed by 50 or fewer employees, while 16 percent work at large enterprises employing more than 500.

Fifty-six percent of the respondents are with lubricant blenders, while 44 percent work for lube distributors.

Average pay of plant managers who work for lube manufacturers increased from $94,775 in 2004 to $99,672 this year. The median compensation was $100,000, compared to $85,000 in both 2004 and 2002.

Meanwhile, plant managers for lube distributors saw their average annual compensation decline from $70,359 in 2004 to $68,509 in 2006. The median compensation at lube distributors fell from $66,500 in 2004 to $65,000 in 2006. It was $60,000 in 2002.

Other highlights from the latest compensation data for lubricant plant managers, released in the magazines October issue, follow.

  • The highest-paid respondent reported an annual compensation of $198,000, and worked for a lubricant manufacturer. The highest compensation reported by a plant manager for a lubricant distributor was $135,000. At the other end of the spectrum, the lowest compensation reported was $13,000 per year at a lubricant manufacturer. The low at a lubricant distributor was $28,800.
  • Plant managers from the Northcentral states reported the highest median salaries, at $90,000. The region includes such manufacturing strongholds as Wisc., Mich., Ill. and Ohio, and responses from this region also were heavily slanted toward lube manufacturing plant managers, who typically earn more than their counterparts at lube distributors.
  • Seventy-six percent of lube manufacturing plant managers said theyd received a raise in the prior 12 months, versus 63 percent of lube distributor plant managers. The latter was a notable increase from 55 percent in 2004.

This is the fifth time LubesnGreases has directly surveyed key lubricants industry employees about their compensation. More than 400 individuals responded to the 2006 survey, conducted in July and August, including 80 who identified themselves as plant and operations managers at lube manufacturers or distributors. Information was gathered directly from individuals who work for lubricant manufacturers and distributors, and was compiled and analyzed by an independent statistical firm.

Next week’s Lube Report will feature highlights of the survey of sales and marketing executives’ compensation, and the following week will feature laboratory and R&D managers.

LubesnGreases 2006 Lubricants Industry Salary Survey looks at how compensation varies by type and size of company, geographic region, length of time in the job, and number of people supervised. Thesurvey report provides information aboutplant managers, sales and marketing executives and laboratory/R&D managers.

The detailed 46-page salary survey report is now available from LNG Publishing Co. for $75. For an order form click here.

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