Dalhstedt Takes Reins at Nynas Naphthenics


Nynas Naphthenics, which is doing booming business in the growing naphthenic oils market, has reshuffled personnel and positions, starting at the top.

Per Dalhstedt is taking over from Tomas Wallin as head of Stockholm, Sweden-based Nynas Naphthenics,the leading producer of naphthenic oils in the world.

In the companys latest Naphthenics magazine, Dahlstedt said he plans to double the companys sales within five years. To achieve this, changes are needed at Nynas and work on these is already in progress, Dahlstedt said. One thing the new group management has decided on is to buffer up support functions and let those who are working in the field focus more than ever on our customers and their needs.

Tomas Wallin, who has served as the head of Nynas Naphthenics, will concentrate on business development for the entire Nynas group. Wallin said that will include focusing on areas such as growth and supply issues. His title will be senior vice president, Business Development and Supply Chain, Nynas Petroleum.

In an editorial in Naphthenics magazine, Wallin said the company believes it will need to increase both its production volumes and the number of grades of naphthenic oil it supplies, to meet growing demand. We believe that we will need to at least double our capacity during the next five years, he said.

The magazine said other changes at Nynas Naphthenics include the separation of marketing and sales. Jean-Marie Toullat will take charge of marketing, while three regional directors will lead the sales companies. Pascal Verhoie will be responsible for Europe and, on a temporary basis for Asia. Michael Rihovsky will remain in charge of the Americas until the position has been filled. Dahlstedt said the Nynas reorganization in general will not interfere with daily customer contacts.

The company will also reinforce its sales organization through the opening of new sales offices and through backing up service at existing offices. During the summer, Nynas Naphthenics opened two new offices, one in Kiev, Ukraine, and one in Mumbai, India

Dahlstedt said he has a particularly strong belief in tire oils and in the area of greases.

New European Union legislation stipulates that by Jan. 1, 2010, highly aromatic oils may no longer be used in Europe. Aromatic oils have been used in tire manufacturing as key components in compounding technology to achieve certain safety-related performance characteristics, but are being replaced by naphthenics.

Dahlstedt said the company is also putting a lot of effort into developing new high-quality products in the grease segment.

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