Dow Lifts Ethyleneamine Force Majeure


Dow Chemical Co. announced last week the lifting of a force majeure declaration imposedon ethyleneamines more than fourmonths ago in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The chemicals are used as intermediates in the manufacture of lubricant additives.

Dow makes its ethyleneamines at a plant in Hahnville, La., which is located a few miles up the Mississippi River from New Orleans. Like many industrial operations in the area, the plant was forced to shut down after Katrina crashed across the U.S. Gulf of Mexico Coast Aug. 29. Dow declared force majeure for ethyleneamines two days later, although officials noted last week that the Hahnville plant itself did not sustain serious damage.

While manufacturing operations recovered quickly following Hurricane Katrina, logistical issues remained until the end of 2005, Ethyleneamines Marketing Manager John Maniscalo said. Those issues have now been resolved, Maniscalo said, and Dow is in a position to supply our customers as usual, subject to typical lead time and availability constraints.

He added, though, that some export shipments may be slowed due to ongoing container shortages.

Dow is based in Midland, Mich., and is one of the worlds largest chemical suppliers.

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