TruSouth Rises, Myatt Returns


TruSouth Oil, a brand-new lubricant manufacturer in a spanking-new facility in the Port of Shreveport-Bossier, La., is set to begin blending and packaging by the end of this month. And L. David Myatt – president of Westland Oil and the Specialty Oil companies from 1977 to their sale to Quaker State in 1994, then an officer and director of Quaker State and Pennzoil-Quaker State until its acquisition by Shell – is back in the blending business as a principal investor and chief executive officer of the new venture.

Myatts partner in the new venture is Indianapolis-based CalumetLubricants, L.P. Premier Lubricants, a six-year-old Shreveport distributor of Valvoline and ConocoPhillips lubricants operated by Myatts nephews, has been rolled into the TruSouth operation. In addition, Calumets finished lubricants business, which manufactures and markets SuperCal branded lubricants, has been transferred to TruSouth.

Tom Moore, TruSouth Oil president, is a Cross Oil veteran who spent four years at Omni Specialty Packaging before joining the start-up TruSouth a year ago. Myatt and Moore have overseen construction of the $12 million facility on a leased 15-acre tract that includes an 80,000-square-foot warehouse and 20,000-square-foot production facility. The tank farm will hold 1.2 million gallons. With access to water, rail and truck transport, and computerized blending and inventory, Moore describes the new plant as state-of-the-art.

Moore is eagerly awaiting arrival of a new filling line from France that will handle flammableliquids and will fill 13 different containers, from six ounces to five quart jugs. TruSouths quart, pail and drum lines and blending tanks are already in place, and Moore expects them to begin running by the end of this month.

Chuck Tallant of Calumet is helping TruSouth with product development. Calumet will outsource solvent packaging to TruSouth, Tallant told Lube Report. Faced with a surplus of Group II base stocks in late 2002, he explained, Calumet began blending its own finished lubricants. But that business has now been phased out, and well focus on what Calumet does best. Thats refining.

TruSouth will have complete autonomy to source all its raw materials, Tallant continued. There is no supply agreement [for base oils] with Calumet. Theyll shop for base oils.

TruSouth plans to blend a full line of automotive products as well as hydraulic oils and gear oils, Moore said, and to sell through distributors. In addition, Moore said, well pursue the solvents and chemicals end of the business, and well look at large retailers and grocery chains.

TruSouth will market three lubricant brands, Moore said. Premier will be the brand for economy products, TruSouth will label generic products, and TruSouth SuperCal will be reserved for API-licensed and other higher-end lubricants.

In addition to CEO Myatt and President Moore, the TruSouth management team includes CFO Mike Moorhead, Controller Susan Watts, Sales Vice President Will ODom and Operations Vice President Richard ODom.

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