Publisher’s Note: Who Makes Syn Stocks?


LubesnGreases Magazines exclusive 2006 Global Guide to Nonconventional Base Stocks is now available, listing nearly 180 manufacturing plants where the worlds most important nonconventional base stocks — PAGs, PIBs, PAOs, PIOs, esters, silicones,Group IIIand more — are made, with company names, locations and capacities.

This colorful and fully updated 33-by-22-inch wall chart offers a unique snapshot of the key producers of:

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  • Polyalphaolefins and poly internal olefins (we estimate total capacity of nearly 425,000 metric tons per year at 10 plants in Europe, North America and Japan).
  • Polyalkylene glycols (we identify 42 manufacturing plants, and estimate capacity at 30 of them totaling 683,000 metric t/y).
  • Polyisobutenes (estimated capacity at 18 plants worldwide totals 829,000 metric t/y).
  • Esters (manufactured for lubes at 49 locations worldwide).
  • Silicones (made for lubes in 20 locations).
  • Phosphate esters (13 of the 15 listed plants have estimated combined capacity of 115,000 metric t/y).
  • Plus API Group III base oils, gas-to-liquids, and more.

The Nonconventional Base Stock Guide was created in cooperation with Pathmaster Marketing Ltd., and was mailed to subscribersto the print edition of LubesnGreaseswith the September issue of the magazine. In June, LNG published the companion 2006 Guide to Base Oil Refining, listing 150 mineral base oil refineries with company names, locations and details on capacity by product.

For information on ordering copies of either Guide, or both, click here.

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