Chemical Prices Rise


Dow Biocides, Degussa and BASF have recently hiked prices for chemicals used in lubricant manufacturing. Price increases ranged up to 25 percent on some products.

Dow Biocides, a subsidiary of Dow Chemical Co., last month announced a price increase for both list and off-list prices of its entire glutaraldehyde product portfolio of 10 cents per pound in North America and by 10 percent for the rest of the world. The increase is effective Sept. 1.

Dow Biocides product trade names for the glutaraldehydes include Aqucar water treatment microbiocides, Ucarcide antimicrobial preservatives and Uconex antimicrobials.

Nanette Hermsen, global marketing manager for Dow Biocides of Buffalo Grove, Ill., attributed the price increases to the increasing costs of the highly regulated industry and continued upward cost pressures in the market. This price increase is necessary to enable continued reinvestment in the business, she said.

Degussa increased the prices of its Ionol antioxidants up to 25 percent, depending on the product group, effective last month. The company attributed the increases to drastically higher costs for all major raw materials, energy and logistics.

Headquartered in Dusseldorf, Germany, Degussa manufactures phenolic antioxidants in both Spain and Germany.

BASF last month raised its ethanolamine prices around the world in response to the increased cost of the feed products ethylene and ethylene oxide and increasing energy costs.

The Ludwigshafen, Germany, based chemical giant said the increases amounted to 60 per metric ton of monoethanolamine, 80 per metric ton of diethanolamine, and 100 per metric ton of triethanolamine in Europe. In Asia, NAFTA countries, South America and other non-European countries, the prices went up by $75 to $125 per metric ton.

BASF produces ethanolamines at its facilities in Ludwigshafen and Antwerp, Belgium.

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