Uniqema Buys Icematic Line from BP


Uniqema has purchased BPs line of Icematic polyol ester and alkyl benzene refrigeration lubricants, the companies announced last week. Uniqema officials said the acquisition will complement its existing business, which sells compressor and refrigeration oils made from oleochemicals.

The Icematic line was part of the Castrol family of BPs industrial lubricants business. BP said it made the sale as part of an effort to focus on markets where it has competitive advantages. The British energy giant will continue to market polyol ester and alkyl benzene refrigeration lubes to marine customers, and to peddle refrigeration lubes made from mineral oils, polyalphaolefins and polyalkylene glycols to the industrial market.

Uniqema and BP did not disclose the price of their transaction, which transfers formulas and related intellectual property along with rights to the Icematic brand name.

Uniqema is headquartered in Gouda, Netherlands, and is a subsidiary of chemical maker ICI Group, although ICI agreed last month to sell the company to British chemical supplier Croda International Plc. Uniqema uses oleochemicals and their derivatives to make surfactants and other products that are sold for use in lubricants, as well as the personal care, cleaning and health-care industries.

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