Citgo Lube Lab Stays in Tulsa


Most of the Citgo operations that remain in Tulsa, Okla., are following the rest of the company to Houston. A lubricants laboratory will not, at least in the foreseeable future.

On Thursday Citgo announced it will relocate approximately 350 positions to Houston. The company already has approximately 700 employees in Houston, having moved its headquarters there from Tulsa beginning in 2004.

The activities involved in the new move include pipeline control, information technology and several others. With their departure, the lubricants lab and a payment card operations center will be the only activities remaining in Tulsa. Together, they employ 45 people.

A Citgo spokesman told Lube Report the company has not decided whether to move the lab and operations center.

That decision has yet to be determined, David McCollum said. Studies are ongoing, and, if at some point a decision is made that it would make more sense for them to be in Houston, then that will happen.

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