One Super S Exporter Buys Another


Lube marketer Atlantis International Inc. last week acquired the Automotive Chemicals and Lubricant division of Daks Industries LLC. Both businesses exported Super S-branded products to corners of the world, while Atlantis also peddles lubricants under the Crown flag.

Both companies were doing basically the same thing with Super S, said Dawn Boyd, formerly president of Daks and now a sales representative with Atlantis. We didnt have the volume that [Atlantis] had, so we thought could create some synergies by merging the two.

The Super S brand is owned by Smittys Supply Inc., of Roseland, La., which manufactures automotive and industrial lubricants and markets them in the United States. Daks marketed them in Venezuela, Chile, Costa Rica, Lebanon, Iraq and Russia. Atlantis, which is headquartered in New Orleans, did business in areas such as Central and South America, the Caribbean, Japan and Malaysia.

The companies declined to disclose terms of the transaction or the size of Daks Automotive Chemicals and Lubricant division. Atlantis owner Manny Blanco did say the combined sales of Super S products are less than Atlantis sales of Crown products.

Its a small business, but we think it is a very good marriage and an opportunity for us to grow, Blanco said.

Daks, of San Antonio, still remains as a separate business, marketing armored vehicles to celebrities and heads of state.

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