Chemfil Bags Chrysler Business


Chemfil Canada Ltd. announced last week that it is the new provider of chemical management services at the Chrysler Groups Windsor and Brampton, Ont., automotive manufacturing plants. Initial implementation of the agreement began in February and March.

Chemfil Canada will provide the two facilities with all indirect materials and chemicals associated with auto manufacturing, including lubricants, solvents, maintenance products, janitorial and waste water treatment chemicals. The Windsor plant produces the Chrysler Pacifica and Town & Country, and the Dodge Grand Caravan. The Brampton plant produces the Chrysler 300, and the Dodge Magnum and Charger.

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Chemfil Canada is not a lubricant manufacturer; it supplies the Chrysler Group with lubricants and related fluids from customer-approved sources.

With an expert chemical management team on-site to help reduce total operating costs, said Chemfils Brett Williamson, general manager, sales and marketing, the Chrysler Group can focus more on what they do best – manufacture vehicles.

Based in Windsor, Ont., Chemfil Canada supplies metal finishing products and chemical management services. It is 50 percent owned by PPG Industries.

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