Base Oil Price Report


ExxonMobil kicked off a new round of increases in posted prices for paraffinic base oils last week when it announced 7 to 12 cent-per-gallon increases for all its postings, effective yesterday. Calumet, Citgo, ConocoPhillips, Flint Hills, Motiva and Valero have followed suit with similar increases taking effect this week and next.

ExxonMobil went up 7 cents per gallon on the posted price of its Group I solvent neutrals through 330, and 12 cents on 600 and bright stocks. Its Group II-plus EHC 45 stock went up 8 cents per gallon and the higher viscosity EHC 60 stock increased 9 cents per gallon.

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Citgo, Calumet and Valero all increased their Group I postings for solvent neutrals through 350 by 7 cents per gallon, and their 500 through 700 and bright stocks by 12 cents, matching ExxonMobils move. Citgos increases were effective yesterday, Calumets take effect Friday, July 22, and Valeros kick in next Monday. A Sunoco source said a price move is under consideration.

Motiva, ConocoPhillips, Calumet,Flint Hillsand Valero increased Group II posted prices by 7 to 14 cents per gallon. Motiva, whose new postings take effect today, increased the price of its stocks through 145 by 7 cents per gallon. Its 305 went up 8 cents, and its 600 went up 12 cents.

ConocoPhillips increased all of its Group II postings by 7 cents per gallon except 110 neutral, which went up 9 cents, and 600, which went up 14 cents. ConocoPhillips new prices take effect tomorrow.

Calumet increased all its Group II postings by 7 cents per gallon, and Valero increased its lone Group II posting by the same amount.Flint Hillsraised its Group II postings by 8 cents per gallon for all stocks except 600, which went up 12 cents.Flint Hills’ increase takes effect tomorrow. Base oil buyers expected an announcement from Chevron, but Lube Report heard of no official statements by the close of business.

In the Group II-plus column, Motiva and Calumet matched ExxonMobilsincrease, raising their postings 8 cents per gallon.

ConocoPhillips Group III postings rose 10 cents per gallon for 3 cSt stock, and 8 cents per gallon for 4 and 8 cSt stocks. A source for SK indicated that the company is considering a price move.

ExxonMobil reportedly attributed its price increases to tightness of supply and to the need to provide adequate margins in order to assure continued supply. The level of competition for feedstock is reflected in VGO prices, which stayed high from March through May, rose 9 to 10 cents per gallon in June, and are reportedly up about 3 cents more so far this month.

Its purely cost driven, said one base oil supplier. Its a VGO issue. This is where base oils have to be.

This marks the fourth round of paraffinic increases since late February, and follows the previous round by just a month.

The price of crude on the New York Mercantile Exchange closed yesterday at $57.53 per barrel, $2.94 lower than a week earlier.

Lube Report Editor Tim Sullivan contributed to this report.

Historic U.S. posted base oil prices and WTI and Brent crude spot prices are available for purchase in Excel format.

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