Chemical Costs Keep Rising


Price hikes continue to beset the market for chemicals used in lubricant additives. Supresta, Troy Corp. and Dow Chemical sang a familiar tune with recent announcements, citing higher costs for petroleum and other raw materials.

Supresta (formerly part of Akzo Nobel) announced global hikes ranging from 5 cents to 30 cents per pound for phosphorus-based chemicals used as lubricants and other applications. The increases take effect July 1. The company, which is based in Ardsley, N.Y., attributed the action to higher costs for phosphorus and petroleum-based raw materials and scarcity of those same materials.

Troy said it will raise prices on defoamers, some of which are used in lubricants, by between 5 percent and 20 percent, also effective July 1. It, too, cited higher costs for petroleum and other raw materials, along with increased energy, transportation and packaging expenses. The Florham Park, N.J., performance chemical supplier sells its defoamers under the Troykyd brand name.

Dow on June 1 added 4 cents and 10 cents per pound to prices for select grades and forms of chelating agents, which are used in metalworking and other applications as cleaners and corrosion inhibitors. The chemical giant is based in Midland, Mich.

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