U.K. Lube Groups Merge


From the first of January 2005 an historic change has been made in the United Kingdoms lubricants industry representative bodies. The British Lubricants Federationand the U.K. delegation to the Union of the European Independent Lubricant Industryhave joined forces to form aunited voice for the industry.

The BLFs formation can be traced back to the closing stages of the First World War. In May 1918 a meeting was convened by the Ministry of Munitions to discuss the allocation of freight space of the principal lubricating oil firms in the United Kingdom. The result of that meeting was the formation of a National Federation of Associations to tackle collectively the post-war problems of the lubricants industry. In 1921 the National Lubricating Oil and Grease Federation was formed.

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Over time it became necessary to restructure and streamline the federation to represent the whole industry and create a single organisation to lobby government. InAugust 1968 the British Lubricants Federation Limited was formed to incorporate the activities of the National Lubricating Oil and Grease Federation.

In contrast UEIL is a younger European organisation that has existed for over 30 years and is made up of representatives from member states of the European Union. Its European function has been very similar to that performed by the BLF within the U.K. The BLF has traditionally accepted as members all those companies both big and small who play some part in the lubricants industry. The UEIL has of course essentially represented the independent lubricant blender. However with the continual reduction in the number of both major and independent lubricant producers there has been over time a blurring of the activities of the two organisations.

In fact virtually all members of the UEIL in the U.K. have also been members of the BLF and it has been felt for some time that this duplication of effort was not necessarily producing the most efficient body to represent the local lubricants industry.

Now after many months of discussion members have decided that the BLF and the U.K. branch of the UEIL should join forces under a new organisation called the United Kingdom Lubricants Association.

The UKLA will continue to operate within the U.K. but will also act as the U.K. representatives for UEIL.

Theres great enthusiasm for this major step forward within the U.K. lubricants industry. It is believed that both internally and more importantly at a European level the greater concentration of resources will ensure a more powerful and beneficial industry body.

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