Canadian Firm Reunites with Sunoco


Tribospec Corp. is getting back to its roots, announcing recently that it has entered an agreement to represent Sunoco branded lubricants throughout Canada.

As reported last week in the trade magazine Todays Trucking, the deal gives the LaSalle, Quebec, company rights to blend, market and distribute Sunoco lubes. Tribospec already markets brands of several other companies, including ChevronTexaco, Alemite, Anderol and Monroe, and claims to be the largest independent lubricant blender in Canada.

The company was formed in 1990 by President Julian E. Cininni and several other former employees of Suncor Canada, a Calgary, Alberta company that was formerly part-owned by Philadelphia-based Sunoco. In the beginning, distribution of Sunoco lubricants was Tribospecs primary business, but the company stopped selling that brand in 2000.

Sunoco subsequently cut back on its finished lubes business, but Cininni told Lube Report yesterday that his company now has exclusive rights to the lubricant brand in Canada and plans to rebuild it there.

We think it can be a strong brand, he said.

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