Nanolubes Catch Hatco’s Eye


Hatco Corp. announced last week that it has entered a technical agreement with ApNano Materials Inc. to develop novel lubricants using the worlds first commercialized nanotechnology-based solid lubricant.

ApNano is a two-year-old start-up that markets the lubricant in question under the brand name NanoLub. Based in New York City, the company is headed by President and Chief Executive Officer Menachem Genut, who helped discover novel inorganic nanostructures at the Nanomaterials Synthesis Group of the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot, Israel. Granted an exclusive license by the institutes commercial arm, ApNano developed lubricant technology based on the nanoparticles, which act as nested spheres and tubes to reduce friction between surfaces.

According to terms of their technical agreement, Hatco and ApNano will try to use NanoLub to develop solutions in aviation, refrigeration, automotive and industrial applications.

We are enthusiastic about this opportunity to develop future-generation lubricants based on the nanoparticle technology invented by the brilliant scientists at the Weizmann Institute, Hatco Chief Executive Officer Alex Kaufman said.

Hatco, a subsidiary of Fords, New Jersey-based Kaufman Holdings, claims to be the worlds leading producer of synthetic lubricants and base stocks for aviation turbine engines and non-ozone-depleting refrigeration systems.

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