CP Chem to Add Mid-vis PAO


Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. announced it is preparing to commercialize a mid-viscosity polyalphaolefin designed to make life easier for formulators that currently blend low- and high-viscosity PAOs.

Synfluid Mid-Viscosity PAO, which is scheduled to be available beginning in January, has a viscosity between 20 and 28 cSt at 100 degrees C, according to a news release distributed Nov. 18. Currently Chevron Phillips does not offer a PAO between the viscosity range of 8 cSt and 40 cSt. Other major PAO producers, such as BP Chemicals, ExxonMobil Chemicals and Cognis, do not have products with viscosities between 10 cSt and 40 cSt, either.

Consequently, formulators have had to blend different grades of PAO to make products in that middle range of viscosity such as hydraulic fluids and gear oils.

Chevron Phillips said the new product also has a narrower molecular structure than other available base oils, resulting in better volatility and shear stability in final formulations. Synfluid MVP typically has a viscosity index of 155, pour point of -44 degrees C and volatility of less than 1 percent.

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