Aspen Carries Uniqema, Atofina


Aspen Chemicalis nowcarrying the products of two additional companies in the northeastern United States. Uniqema announced last week that it has appointed the Medford, N.J., company to distribute its automotive and industrial lubricant components. Atofina Chemicals Inc. said recently that Aspen now carries its extreme pressure additives and biostabilizing amines.

Atofina Chemicals, based in Philadelphia, also named chemical distributor TH Hilson Co., Aspen’s parent company based in Wheaton, Ill., to carry the same products in the Midwest. Atofinas EP additives include tertiary alkyl polysulfides, clear sulfurized esters and phosphate esters used in industrial lubricants and metalworking fluids.

The Uniqema products that Aspen will carry include esters andester components, including synthetic base fluids, lubricity additives, performance additives and emulsification systems. Uniqema is part of the ICI group of companies and is based in Gouda, Netherlands.

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